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Jobu is an energetic cover-band which has been energetically energizing NJ and NY audiences, since 2001! Energetically, we energize unenergetic people so that they become energized and then (soon thereafter) energetic!! No amount of exclamation points can convey how friggin energetic we are!!! The energitude that we exude is, unequivocally, the most energicious energy that has ever been energized by a band!!!! If you are an unenergetic person, do yourself an energilistic favor, and unergetically come to one of our energetic shows, so that we can energetically infuse you with our ballistic energy!!!!!

Jeff Siedsma - lead vocals, trumpet
Rob Lorusso - lead guitar, trumpet, shenanigans
Scott Carlson - bass guitar
Mark Endres - rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Matt Jaworski - drums, all around rawker
Mike Thornton - keyboards, backup vocals, keepin' it real
Don Conger - sax, keyboards

The Jobü Crew:
Mario Paz - sound tech


Name: Jeff Siedsma
Birthdate: 10/3/1976
Instrument: Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Horn: Bach Stradivarious
Previous Bands: Standard Nipple Works
Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin, The Who, Reel Big Fish, Barbara Streisand

Name: Rob Lorusso
Birthdate:11/01/78 and Yes I have ID to prove it.
Instrument: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Equipment: Washburn N4 Relic/ Washburn N/ 2Jackson Soloist/ Gavelstine Clear
Effects: Vox Wah, Boss Delay, MXR phaser, Heli Talk Box (yeah I own one)
Amplification: Mesa Rectoverb 50 /ADA MP1
Previous bands: Bus 2, Radio Rodeo, Dawn of Chaos, Uforea, Some more unnamed and forgettable experiences
Favorite Bands:Extreme, Mourning Widows, Santana, Prince, Queen, GN'R, Led Zeppelin, Dramagods

Name: Scott Carlson
Birthdate: 7/9/1973
Instrument: Bass Guitar
Equipment: Carvin 5-String Bass Guitar
Amplification: Galien-Krueger 2x10 and SWR "Big Ben" 1x18
Previous bands: Chuckle Patch 1991-1993
Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Costello, Grateful Dead, Phish, 10,000 Maniacs, The Rolling Stones, Soul Coughing

Name: Mark (Sparky) Endres
Birthdate: 12/10/1975
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
Equipment: '92 Gibson - Les Paul Studio, '77 Electra LP Copy, '89 Ibanez - P.O.S.
Effects: Assorted BOSS peds housed by
Amplification: Marshall- VS102R- 100w 2x12 Valvestate, B/U- Peavey Bandit 35 P.O.S.
Previous bands: Chuckle Patch 1991-1993
Favorite Bands: Janes Addiction, Fugazi, Shudder to Think, Soul Coughing, Frenté, Led Zeppelin, Korn, Muppet Show Orchestra

Name: Matthew Ryan Jaworski
Birthdate: 12/27/1975
Instrument: Drums
Equipment: DW Collector's Series drums - burnt toast burst over quilted maple, Zildjian cymbals, Remo Roto-toms, Pro Mark sticks, miscellaneous debris
Previous bands: Master John Thursday, Sandy Duncan's Glass Eye, Willis, Rumplemeyer, Dorothy Weaver
Favorite Bands: Phish, Brad Mehldau, Grateful Dead, Rush, Primus, Slayer, A Halo Called Fred, Joanna Newsom, Umphrey's McGee, The Flaming Lips, Iron and Wine

Name: Michael (The Nog) Thornton 
Birthdate: 03/07/1976
Instrument: Keyboards, Tenor Sax, iPad
Equipment:  Korg
Previous bands: I don't think so
Favorite Bands: Enya, U2, Carley Simon, Peaches and Herb, Taylor Swift

Name: Don (Dr. Con) Conger
Birthdate: 03/07/1980
Instrument: Alto Sax
Equipment:  Olds Alto Sax
Other Jobs: Photographer, Sound Tech, Roadie, Groupie
Previous bands: Love Candy
Favorite Bands: Green Day, Reel Big Fish, The Specials, The Doors, Barenaked Ladies, Cake, Weezer, Weird Al Yankovic